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 (Artistic Statement)
My artwork has been inspired from themes of Jazz, Music, and Theater. The art work has been created in a variety of artistic mediums collage, silkscreen and multi-media, photography. My focus has been on producing new work from the archives (articles, clippings, photographs) of the international celebrity Josephine Baker.  Josephine Baker received France's highest award,” The Legion of Honor “, for her humanitarian work during World War II. Within the last 9 years I have been creating artwork and a line of exclusive designs. In 2007 we finished my dvd" An Afternoon of Musical Ideas, at my studio in Delaware. The purpose is for educational and cultural enrichment programs. The past two years, I have been doing exhibits celebrating Women's History for the New York Public Library (branches). Banana Art, A Museum in the Arts (web address and internet site) began in 2000 .
My art seeks to permeate and excite a new interest in her enduring strength, her contributions to the world of art and culture. I have drawn upon and given emphasis to Josephine's dynamic personality, stage presence and her fabulous theatrical career; improvising on a theme characteristic of Cabaret, Musical Theater, Musical Comedy, and Jazz Influences. The work is vibrant and stimulating contemporary art works that pay tribute to this great entertainer. I have titled the work "Looking at Josephine Baker; A Contemporary View."

A children's story based on the life of Josephine Baker. Music and story written was by Sheila King. Most of my art has been created for adults, there was not much regarding Josephine Baker that would engage the attention and enjoyment of a younger generation. Josephine Baker loved children and during her life she adopted eleven children of different nationalities. Therefore, the story is to introduce them to the life of Josephine Baker through a fun-filled reading and learning experience. The Banana Dancer is a new media work in progress.
Sheila King

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