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The Banana Dancer is an excellent read aloud story for young children.
The illustrations are vibrant paintings boldly executed.
Each page is engaging with funny animated entertaining characters.

The Banana Dancer is  inspired from the life of one of France’s most cherished celebrities, Josephine Baker: "I know of approximately six books written about her life, which includes her autobiography, and three children’s book. Although this is not biography Josephine was such an incredible personality, fabulous dancer and great humanitarian; Once anyone hears about a dancer and bananas they immediately think of her. Certainly there will continue to be an interest in the life this extraordinary woman. I am delighted and excited about introducing this wonderful woman to a new generation of children by means of this fun-filled little picture book."
The story offers a good opportunity for both children and educators to interact  and participate in a discussion related to a broad range of topics. The workbook is a guide for exploring subjects, that include dance, music and songs, ecology, and healthy foods.   The language and rhythms created by the text add to building language skills and motor skills that are helpful in the growth of young children. This book 's text offer the readers/storytellers a good opportunity to deliver this tale as an exciting lyrical adventure enhancing the story with sounds gestures, and the accompaning songs.