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Bimbe.e.e  is a unique character endowed with magical powers, that will bring thousands of smiles and imaginative play to children.  Her beauty as well as her charming zany personality expresses her love of animals, concern for the earth, children and families.  We believe young children especially  young girls will love having a Bimbe.e.e.    The doll is designed with the story in mind,  she is Two Dolls in One:  On one side we see her in the Rainforest and flip her again and we see her in the City of Paris….

What A Combination!!!

 I am excited about meeting you!
               (says)  BIMBe.e.e  BANANA 
Thanks for coming to see!

  In this tale, I have an exciting adventure and I make new friends with of some of the inhabitants of the remote Rainforest. When I first meet them they are surprised and puzzled by my powers; Get your copy of the story, then you can find out about my special powers.

 I also have a friends page.  Please meet and see some of my friends. You too can become a friend, just send me a little note and if you like a photo of yourself and I will put them on my friends page. ... I would love to hear from you. Just say attention Bimb e..e..e.. I'll be certain to let you know I got
I do hope to hear from you soon