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                             “THE BANANA DANCER”
 The Banana Dancer is a new children’s picture book, written by Sheila King and beautifully illustrated by Jieun Lee.   The book is published by Banana Art Media Productions and is priced at $21.95.   The Banana Dancer is available and can be ordered on line 
at our shop page and specialty book boutiques.

The pages are filled with friendly and humorous animated characters where they come alive and we live out the action of the story.   Bimbeee Banana, the banana dancer's zany charm will delight not only the very young child, it will be a must have picture book for children of any age. The story speaks of kindness of giving and a concern for the earth, and its’ creatures.
Summary:   The inhabitants of the rainforest hear beautiful and exotic new sounds. They follow the sounds and meet a very unusual girl. She shows them how she helps bring happiness to families and children by eliminating hunger.

The Banana Dancer fable offers the reader and audience a lively way of engaging in a dialogue related to many interesting topics: earth science, nutrition, ethnic dance and music.